With the deadline for submitting applications for BPCI-A Model Year 3 having passed, many acute care hospitals (ACHs) and physician group practices (PGPs) are wondering what comes next. Here are a few next steps for those organizations that met the June 24 deadline: 1. Fusion5 will start meeting with your team to help you understand our process and technology. For those ACHs and PGPs that chose Fusion5 as their potential convener, that means you will soon meet with the most robust, skilled, and visionary clinical and partner services team working in bundled payments and value-based care. Our team of clinicians and nurses will immediately begin working with you to develop a strategy to deliver exceptional care while saving money and strengthening your bottom line. We will also meet with your team to do a deep dive into your data using eFusion, our industry-leading bundled payment technology platform. The data, metrics, and insight provided by eFusion will help you begin to understand and unlock the potential of BPCI-A. 2. You will get a true partner in your bundled payment journey. Bundled payments really do revolutionize the way PGPs and ACHs approach Medicare fee-for-service procedures. Over the past year, our team has seen organization after organization become financially stronger, more profitable, and better able to deliver the care that providers, patients, and the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) expect. However, revolutions are never easy—and it would be disingenuous for us to tell any ACH or PGP that your BPCI-A journey will be hiccup free. It won’t. There will be bumps and learning opportunities along the way, regardless of which Convener you chose. The good news? By choosing Fusion5, you selected a true value-based care partner and team of healthcare thought leaders. Our founders started this business specifically because we believe in the power and potential of bundled payments. Together, we will unlock that potential. 3. The process has only begun. Submitting your Model Year 3 application was the beginning of a process that will stretch from now until January 1, 2020. That date marks the official start of BPCI-A Model Year 3. (You can read an in-depth post on the June 2019 – January 2020 timeline here.) Right now, CMS has indicated that participants will receive their data and preliminary target prices in September. Over the next few months, the team at Fusion5 will keep you informed regarding that date, your data, and any developments or news regarding target prices. But that won’t be the only time you’ll hear from us. Your dedicated regional point of contact will keep you continuously informed of developments throughout this phase of the Model Year 3 process, and the team here at Fusion5 headquarters will also keep you informed about BPCI-A developments using our newsletters, blog, social media, our forthcoming podcast, and our VBCU Live! event in Chicago on July 22-24. We will do all that we can to make sure you are informed, prepared, and excited about the positive impact BPCI-A will have on your patients and your organization. Finally, if you chose Fusion5 as your Convener for BPCI-A in any model year, we extend a genuine thank you. Thank you for believing in this program. Thank you for believing in our team. Thank you for believing in yourself, and your ability to innovate in an incredibly challenging healthcare environment. Now, let’s get started.

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