The value of partnership varies, by design: it can be as brief and innocuous as a simple helping hand or a complete overhaul replete with blood, sweat and tears. The outcome of partnership, however crafted and executed, should result in success for all involved – especially when it comes to healthcare.

Convener support solutions, also known as White Label services, are designed to provide support for conveners participating in the CMS-sponsored BPCI-A program of bundled payment care.  These services include infrastructure support, data analysis, care navigation and overall support services.

Implementing a bundled payment program can be extremely delicate, whether it’s at a physician group or hospital level. Fusion5 is experienced and adept at providing convener support solutions and assisting conveners with enhancing their services and increasing quality and improved outcomes for their clients.

To learn more about how they’ve successfully built up this cornerstone of their business, click here to listen to the podcast. 

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