The FutureMed 2020 conference featured HIMSS President and CEO, Hal Wolf, who shared unique insights and foresights pertaining to digital healthcare and how the pandemic has brought forth dire issues that currently permeate the healthcare landscape. As the pandemic has and continues to impact the healthcare industry on a global scale, including resources, patient care and access to healthcare, Wolf discusses critical points on the pressurization nature of healthcare and how to mitigate the challenges through digital solutions.

The focus is to realize full health potential of patients, and to utilize new technologies and access information to better care for individuals on a level not yet seen in healthcare. Telehealth, digital health communications, social engineering and the marriage of science and technology are areas that urgently need to be integrated and utilized to their full potential to overcome the barriers brought on by COVID-19.

Our technology team at Fusion5 has worked diligently to infuse robust technology into how care management is performed through our eFusion platform. “As COVID-19 began to impact all of us, we realized this wasn’t going to be a one-time event but a significant and permanent change in our way of thinking. Our technology needed to be able to quickly adapt to the increasingly complicated flow of information to help our clients make informed but rapid decisions. We specifically made adjustments to our eFusion profiler technology to help track and trace key diagnosis such as COVID-19” says Mike Levoshko, Chief Information Officer, Fusion5.

For the full interview, click here.

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