October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are usually many events that take place to help raise funds, bring awareness to the disease and celebrate the lives of those who may have passed, are currently fighting the disease or are in remission. This year, many of these events are taking place virtually and celebrations have been muted to remain safe from COVID.

Prevention and detection is an important part of breast cancer awareness. City of Hope, one of the nation’s top cancer treatment and research center, and the Pink Patch Project, a public awareness campaign, have combined forces and created a breast cancer self examination video to demonstrate how women should be checking themselves for abnormalities/lumps on a regular basis. Studies show that 8 in 10 women detect lumps themselves, and knowing how to conduct a self examination is vital to this early detection.

To watch the video and learn more about how you can help keep yourself and the women in your life safe, click here.

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