With Bundled Payment for Care Improvement – Advanced (BPCI-A) Model Year 3 baseline data and preliminary target prices now available, acute care hospitals (ACHs), physician group practices (PGPs), and other providers who haven’t previously participated in BPCI-A can now begin to understand just how impactful bundled payments can be.

Here are a few quick tips you should keep in mind as you meet with your Convener:

  1. Evaluate which episodes have the most potential for your practice. Episodes of care that are performed more frequently generally provide more potential and predictability. One hundred episodes of “X” will give you a better understanding of BPCI-A’s impact than twenty episodes of “Y.”
  2. Identify episodes that are likely to exceed the three percent savings required by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services.
  3. Keep in mind the potential for saving opportunities across the entire continuum. For a variety of reasons, cost reduction may not be possible in specific parts of a given continuum. If that is the case, providers can shift their savings focus to other aspects of treatment within an episode.
  4. Thoroughly understand target prices. Understanding how they were developed directly affects a provider’s ability to fully maximize savings in BPCI-A.But the most important step of all?Make sure you’ve selected the right convener.Bundled payments have proven to be a value-based healthcare strategy that lowers costs, strengthens provider bottom lines, and—most important—creates more efficient, effective treatment.

    However, understanding the impact and potential of BPCI-A requires working with a Convener that has an unparalleled understanding of BPCI-A, bundled payments, and value-based care.

    Fusion5 is the fastest growing Convener in the nation, and the Convener of choice for more orthopedic practices and providers across the country. We combine clinical care redesign experts and the most innovative bundled payment technology and analytical platform on the market, which has produced successful results for our clients.

    Begin your BPCI-A journey by better understanding the basics of bundled payments. Then redesign your care and strengthen your bottom line by working with the most innovative convener in value-based healthcare.

    Please check the Fusion5 blog and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for more information on our upcoming webinar series as well as the latest news in value based healthcare and bundled payment programs!

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