Our full-service solution optimizes performance and navigates complexities of MIPS and/or Advanced APMs with industry-leading technology and subject matter experts.


Fusion5 is proud to offer a full-service MIPS service that is built with the eligible practitioner in mind. While delivering high-quality care should be a provider’s main focus, the requirements and complexity of quality-based programs are becoming more important due to the tie to reimbursement. With a team of MIPS experts and the technology to drive data-based decisions and reporting, Fusion5MIPS helps optimize your performance and maximize reimbursement and incentives for top performers.

Fusion5MIPS Service Highlights

Fusion5 provides a range of value-based services for effective MIPS management, including:

  • Access to Value-based Care expert staff 24/7 who can help navigate the complexities and overlap of multiple programs, such as MIPS and BPCI-A
  • Maximize potential incentive payments through real-time MIPS updates
  • CMS Data Submission made simple through QCRD or Clinical Registry reporting
  • Ability to estimate Revenue Impact based on MIPS or MIPS APM performance
  • Offer comprehensive data integration functionality for ease of data upload (existing reporting may be utilized if preferred)
  • Streamline quality measure reporting across programs

Value-Based Care Experts

Fusion5’s team of value-based care subject-matter experts has experience navigating the complexity of requirements for programs such as MIPS for participants in Alternative Payment Models (APMs) and Advanced APMs, such as BPCI-A. Our team can help your organization understand exactly what is required to be successful as a participant in several programs and can guide you through meeting your MIPS requirements to maximize your potential incentive payments year after year.

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Fusion5 is the fastest-growing value-based care solutions provider in the market today. Our experience developing and implementing value-based care programs across a wide variety of healthcare settings means that you can improve the quality of care while lowering costs.

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