Like anything new, the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement – Advanced (BPCI-A) program can seem overwhelming. The team at Fusion5 knows that in part because we have heard from providers and hospitals across the country regarding confusion about the program. There have been misconceptions and misunderstandings that have prevented acute care hospitals (ACHs), physician group practices (PGPs), and other providers from participating in a program proven to help strengthen your bottom-line while delivering exceptional care.

Fusion5 is proud to clear up a few myths about BPCI-A.

Myth #1: You cannot change your convener prior to signing a Participation Agreement.

Until an Episode Initiator (EI) signs a Participation Agreement with their chosen convener, the EI is free to explore partnering with alternative conveners. Auto renewals or convener-generated contracts do not bind an EI to any convener. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) addresses this specific issue: “Convener Participants must not prohibit downstream EIs or Episode Initiators from applying during a future BPCI Advanced enrollment period as a Convener or non-Convener Participant or from Participating under a different Convener Participant in future Model years.”

EIs can explore convener options until the moment they sign a Participation Agreement.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Myth #2: Buy One Get One (BOGO)

Participating in BPCI-A strengthens your bottom-line and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your clinical care—and nothing else.

(But that should be enough, right?)

There are no other programs, special offers, or bonuses associated with participating in BPCI-A. Revenue enhancements, redesigned clinical care, and a laser-like focus on creating a culture of value-based healthcare innovation are too important to be diluted by discounts and coupons.

CMS knew that, and that is why they created a program strong enough to stand on its own.

Myth #3: All or Nothing Episode Selection

Participating in BPCI-A doesn’t mean you have to identify ALL your episodes from the start.

You can start your BPCI-A journey by selecting just one episode. A bundled payment model represents significant change from the typical fee-for-service payment model providers have used for decades. Providers who are not ready to fully dive into BPCI-A can still preserve their ability to expand participation in later years by selecting just one episode of care.

Late 2020 will likely be the last opportunity to add clinical episodes (effective start date of 1/1/2021) to a provider’s portfolio.

Using healthcare’s most advanced bundled payment technology platform, the team of bundled payment thought leaders at Fusion5 can help providers find the single episode that offers the most potential for specific providers.

Myth #4: Transparency – Partner vs Vendor

The greatest benefit to this program is the opportunity to partner with a Convener.

Fusion5 believes that working with a convener is a partnership—and not just a contract between a vendor and a healthcare organization. Part of our mission is to understand your business model as well as you do and identify how participation in BPCI-A can help your organization strengthen its bottom-line while continuing to deliver exceptional care.

Selecting Fusion5 as your convener means you get the opportunity to work with a partner that believes in your organization, your team, and the power of bundled payments.

Interested in learning more?

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