Fusion5 has developed gainsharing strategies that meet the individual needs of your organization


Fusion5’s team of value-based care experts partner with acute care hospitals (ACHs), physician group practices (PGPs), and other providers to design and administer internal cost-savings gainshare agreements that ensure providers meet Bundled Payment for Care Improvement-Advanced (BPCI-A) program requirements while still achieving required care metrics.

Gainsharing 101

Gainsharing provides financial incentives to providers for their participation in or initiation of cost-saving measures. Gainsharing agreements are the mechanism that helps turn the BPCI-A promise of improved clinical coordination and a stronger bottom line into a reality. 

BPCI-A ICS Sharing & All-Payer Sharing:

Providers can choose between a BPCI-A ICS model and an all-payer model. While differences between the programs exist, both deliver improved clinical coordination, healthier patients, and a stronger bottom line.

The team at Fusion5 looks forward to crafting the right gainsharing strategy for your organization. Whether you choose a BPCI-A focused ICS approach or choose a more expansive all-payer strategy, our value-based care strategists will help you implement gainsharing agreements that maximize the full potential of bundled payments.

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