In recognition of National Nurses Week, we would like to take this time to honor our nurses, the nurses of our partners, of this nation and abroad who make the commitment, each and every day, to take exceptional care of their patients and families.

It may come as no surprise, but nurses consistently rank among the top of the country’s most trusted professionals. At a very young age, they are one of the first adults we come to trust. Many of our first memories of healthcare as children are receiving necessary vaccinations, treatment for sports injuries or visiting the school infirmary, and there was always a nurse nearby to comfort us, hold our hand and reassure us with a smile and encouraging words. As we age, we continue to encounter nurses in the healthcare environment, whether it is for general checkups, childbirth, an unexpected illness or trips to the emergency room. Nurses are there for us, our families and friends during some of our most monumental and difficult times. We can always count on their knowledge, professionalism, and calming voice to walk us through each step of the treatment process and provide reassurance that they will be there for us, right beside us.

Nurses pledge to act in a compassionate and trustworthy manner in all aspects of their care, to help relieve the suffering of their patients, to abide by legal and ethical requirements in their area of practice, and promote, advocate for and strive to protect the health, safety and rights of their patients. They exemplify these characteristics in their daily routines, all the while acknowledging each patient as a unique individual who deserves the best of care.

What makes this year unique in healthcare is that our nurses are putting themselves at great personal risk when doing their jobs. Never could we have predicted this kind of situation, nor the extraordinary care our nurses would need to deliver under tremendously difficult circumstances. They are not only committing to the long hours and strenuous work that accompanies their profession, but are putting their actual lives on the line to treat highly infectious patients. We’ve heard their painful and uplifting stories first-hand; how they’ve had to adapt daily to providing care in an untraditional manner by being the lifeline from the patient to their families, and to be the one trusted person to hold their patients’ hands for the last time as they succumb to the effects of the pandemic that is sweeping the globe. They step up, step in and soldier on.

To say we are continually astonished by their dedication to their profession and their patients would be a great understatement. To give thanks for all they do under normal and now extraordinary circumstances does not feel like enough. To know that they are out there, ready and willing to provide the care that others need at the risk of their own lives, is in the same breath comforting and astounding.

We are so thankful for the many nurses on our staff and in our partner facilities, who work diligently to provide the very best of care to all. We could not be prouder to work with such exceptional people and grow as an organization and individuals through the lessons they share with us.

We are truly grateful for you and stand by you always.

Sue Caito

Chief Clinical Officer

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