With the June 24, 2019 deadline fast approaching to sign up for Model Year 3 of the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement – Advanced (BPCI-A) program, it’s important for Physician Group Practices (PGPs) and Acute Care Hospitals (ACHs) to know something: You can sign up with multiple conveners. Your organization can review episodes and identify your convener of choice later in the process—in November 2019, to be exact (see timeline above). The decision to sign with multiple conveners before the June deadline allows you to review potential cost savings as well as your organization’s “fit” with a specific convener prior to signing a Participation Agreement in November. However, while you do not have to decide on a convener prior to June 24, 2019, you do have to decide if your organization is interested in participating in BPCI-A. That date reflects the final deadline for participation—ever. The opportunity to revolutionize the quality of care you provide while strengthening your bottom line using the power of bundled payments will disappear after that date. “We are confident that ACHs and PGPs across the country will see the value of partnering with Fusion5. Our national and local approach produce sustainable results,” said Fusion5 CEO Jim Gera. “However, we are champions for better patient care and financially stronger providers. We would rather see providers select one of our competitors than choose not to participate in BPCI-A at all. We believe in this program that much and have seen over and over how revolutionary it is for participants who opt-in and harness the power of bundled payments.” Unfamiliar with bundled payments and BPCI-A? Read more here and request your free Medicare data analysis today. Whatever you do though, take every shot you can to win. Sign with multiple conveners and discover which one helps deliver unparalleled care and the strongest possible bottom line. We’re sure your final choice will be Fusion5—and we are confident enough to encourage you to take a look at the competition. But first, make the choice to participate in BPCI-A, and sign up with as many conveners as you can by the June 24th deadline.

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