How is it already June? Summer is upon us, Father’s Day is around the corner, and the bbq grills are heating up! What else happens in June? It’s the month we devote to men’s health. And while we should all be attending to our health every day each year, with the state of the world and the stress many are feeling, keeping regular checkup appointments, eating health and checking in with your mood may be getting swept under the rug in exchange for just coping on a daily basis.

To get the conversation started, let’s check out some statistics that may get you to keep that annual check-up appointment, introduce some leafy greens to your dinner plate and find someone to talk to about how to deal more efficiently with stress:

– 17% of men are more likely than women to have cancer

– 50% are more likely to die from cancer than women

– 50% of men are less likely than women to seek preventative healthcare

The Mayo Clinic has published some great info on how men can start making healthy choices now that will make immediate difference and also help in the long run.

Throughout the month of June we will be devoting time weekly to providing helpful information and links for how men can improve their health in ways that are attainable and impactful. Stay tuned!

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