Fusion5’s analytical insight gives providers a better understanding of cost trends and physician performance.


At Fusion5, we equip our clients with analytical tools and actionable insights that maximize value-based care programs and strategies. Our analytics and intelligence include:

  • An Episode Summary Report (ESR) that analyzes monthly claims data in real-time and provides customized,
    actionable insight that help improve the clinical and financial episode of care performance.
  • A dashboard that gives a high-level overview of BPCI-A episode performance and identifies opportunities to unlock
    additional savings.
  • Patient-level insight on cost and PAC utilization outcomes.
  • Opportunity analysis reports that analyze historic claims and BPCI-A program releases to estimate savings
  • Post-acute provider key performance indicator reports that help our clients identify the highest performing
    post-acute care providers in their narrow network.

Implementing value-based care programs that lead to better patient outcomes and a stronger provider bottom line requires accurate, real-time data-driven insight into episodes of care. Fusion5’s industry-leading technology provides that insight.