There’s been a major focus for the past few months on keeping safe physically – social distancing, masking, hand-washing and disinfecting on a regular basis. Rightly so – COVID-19 is highly transmissible and as we’ve seen the symptoms increase, it’s difficult to diagnose and treat. But what about your brain? It needs love too, especially during this very challenging time.

As we have now passed the 100-day mark of this “new normal” you may have noticed that your state of mind is having difficulty adjusting in a positive way. Working from home can make it challenging to find time for breaks, and not seeing friends or family in-person can bring about anxiety and depression.

Attending to your mental health is just as important as your physical health when it comes to your overall wellness. A regular checkup with your PCP can help determine whether you are getting the nutrients you need or might need to change up your diet to mitigate vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can have a major impact on your brain chemistry. Distractions, creating new habits and giving yourself grace to take a break or nap more often are just a few ways that you can help alleviate stress and aid in your emotional health.

The National Safety Council has come up with a variety of coping techniques to help improve mental health during this trying time.

There’s also a very interesting strategy to help combat feeling of isolation and loneliness called the “Double Bubble” – the name itself is intriguing enough to check it out!

So, do your brain a favor and check in to see what changes you can make to keep your mental health in check! You can thank yourself later…in that interesting, third-person way!

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