Our multiphase system is designed with you in mind.

Chronic Care Management

Fusion5 is proud to offer a multiphase Chronic Care Management (CCM) program built on a foundation of informed patients, a proactive clinical team, clinical system redesign, and healthcare’s most innovative data and analytical platform. 

Chronic Care Management Overview

Healthcare’s leading CCM program and platform help providers:

  • Reduce readmissions.
  • Improve bundle performance.
  • Receive higher patient-satisfaction rates.
  • Increase in-system patient retention.

Fusion5’s patient-centered approach to chronic care is based on a six-phase process:

  • Planning and discovery
  • Contracting
  • Implementation
  • Adaptive execution
  • Activation
  • Operations monitoring 

CCM Navigators

Our CCM Navigators serve as an extension of your staff and empower your patients to keep appointments, organize transportation, and monitor their own health status. Our secure, easy-to use technology and data platform facilitate improved communication between patients and providers.

Sixty-five percent of Medicare recipients have two or more chronic conditions. Eighty-five percent of healthcare spending is on patients with chronic illnesses. Let Fusion5’s team of value-based care and bundled payment experts create and implement the CCM program designed to better improve clinical performance, reduce expenses, and provide patients with a path to better health through improved chronic care.

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