Shawn Matheson
Senior Regional Director, Partner Services
Fusion5 Though participation in the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement – Advanced (BPCI-A) program dipped by 16% after the recent March 1 withdrawal date, the data regarding participation among acute care hospitals (ACHs) and physician group practices (PGPs) should reassure those of us in the healthcare community who believe in the impact of bundled payments and value-based care. Why? Since July 2018, participation in BPCI-A among ACHs increased by 36%. Participation in BPCI-A among PGPs during the same time period increased by 33%. After careful analysis, the 16% overall decrease in participation is primarily the result of providers that were unprepared for the complexities (and potential) of the bundled payment model. That lack of preparedness often comes from neglecting to partner with a convener as well as a lack of the proper internal data- and care-management infrastructure. Additionally, the data provided by Medicare often did not provide enough historical context—which likely led at least some of the withdrawals. However, those withdrawals could be very temporary. “Last Thursday—well after the March 1 withdrawal deadline—Medicare announced an outpatient total knee arthroplasty bundle for 2020,” said Fusion5 CEO Jim Gera. “Having an OP TKAS will likely spur many episode initiators to reengage in 2020.” For those ACHs and PGPs that continue to participate in BPCI-A—as well as those providers that may choose to reengage next year—Fusion5 is the convener of choice for any episode initiator that wants to provide world-class care while strengthening its bottom line. Our team of bundled-payment and value-based care thought leaders deliver: Unmatched utility of data analytics and highly usable analytical tools designed for patient-level and bundle-level decision support. Simply put, Fusion5’s tools are easier to use and shed more light. A unique clinical/admin dyad model in each region. Some conveners are administratively heavy and clinically light or vice versa. Fusion5’s dyad model is the most balanced and supportive solution available on the market. A financial model designed to minimize risk and maximize the benefit of bundled payments for the episode initiator first and the convener second. Fusion5 delivers value to our stakeholders and episode initiators by becoming your long-term partner for both BPCI and commercial bundles. Interested in learning why a growing number of ACHs and PGPs recognize the potential of bundled payments and a partnership with Fusion5 as their convener? Contact us today!

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