Fusion5 is proud to partner with PGPs, ACHs, and providers across the country to maximize the power of the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI-A) program.

But before providers can get started leveraging the power of bundled payments, it is important to know the basics of bundled payments.

Here a few things you should know about BPCI-A.

What are bundled payments and BPCI-A?

  • BPCI-A incentivizes providers to deliver the best possible care at the best possible price.

  • Using advanced data analysis, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) identifies target prices prior to the start of a BPCI-A Model Year.

  • Providers partner with Conveners to develop clinical strategies that reduce costs within specific episodes of care while still meeting clinical benchmarks.

  • Participating providers that deliver exceptional care at or below target prices receive financial incentives.

Why should providers participate in BPCI-A?

  • Research shows bundled payment programs improve care, contain costs, reduce readmissions, and strengthen bottom lines.

  • Clinical care redesign strategies that form the core of BPCI-A help improve system-wide clinical and financial performance.

  • The nation’s most innovative, patient-focused providers use bundled payments to improve care and increase profitability.

What results have other providers experienced with bundled payments?

Partners working with Fusion5’s team of bundled payment experts have:

  • Reduced Medical Cost Ratio (MCR) by more than 15% in the first operating year.

  • Reduced 30-day readmission rates by 15%.

  • Delivered patient-satisfaction scores of 98% or better.

  • Established a system-wide culture of value-based healthcare innovation.

How do you bring the revolutionary power of bundled payments to your organization?

  • Contact a Fusion5 bundled payment expert today.

  • Learn more about how BPCI-A and value-based strategies improve care and strengthen your bottom-line.

  • Partner with the fastest growing and most innovative convener in the nation.


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